• We are based in Dubai, the commercial centre of the region
  • Commerce is the heartbeat of the region
  • The traditional and modern both thrive


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ITD Italian Trade and Development has been working for years as a consulting agency business for foreign trade and development with specific services both to commercial companies that Italian manufacturers interested in acquiring new markets, technologies, expand and / or consolidate their presence in the various markets International and identify new business opportunities.

We offer business strategies and instruments designed to effectively respond to the various needs of foreign trade and internationalization of companies. Our company, thanks to its employees and the related structures, can actively contribute to the success of the business, to achieving the goals of growth of its trading partners directly taking care of business development.

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Currently we can boast collaborations with leading companies operating in different sectors, in more than 40 countries in 5 continents, to manage everything in our offices allowing us to move better with our clients for our customers worldwide.

Working with us is how to work simultaneously with several suppliers and / or customers around the world, but having the advantage of a single contact partner, allowing customers to optimize the time and cost of ownership.

Our commitment and goal is to provide our customers the best service: we can assist our business partners in different ways, through our advanced business solutions for international trade.

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