• Teaming up with local companies to create successful partnerships
  • Getting your business on the road to success
  • Creating long term profitable partnerships

What we do

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“ We offer bespoke services to each and every client, as we understand needs vary …..

Companies we represent

The ‘companies we represent’ gain from our wide experience in the region and our ability to provide turnkey solutions.
We recognise that each company has different needs and requirements. Therefore we are flexible in our approach to find mutually agreeable outcomes for all parties involved, allowing for long term relationship to prosper.
Our services include everything from the macro to the micro. From partnerships with multi-nationals to securing commercial premises and providing secretarial services.

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Our local partners are really interested in developing strong business links and supporting our Italian partners in a number of ways. This can include finding projects, works and business, as well as, acting as agents and distributors for a range of products and services.
We are always looking to add partners to our portfolio, so please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Italian Trade and Development: What we do